Thursday 15thYear 6 Parents are invited to our carol service at 9.30am in the school hall. We will be finished by approximately 10.30am. If your child is doing a reading, or a solo on the Wednesday, then obviously you can come to that performance! Please make sure children are wearing SMART clothes for both the Wednesday and Thursday performances (trouser and shirts, dresses etc. Please no sports wear, crazy Christmas jumpers or trainers if possible). Your child should bring in a change of clothes for after the performance in a named plastic bag.

Friday 16thYear 5 and 6 to Snow White at the Shaw theatre! Please remember to pay £3 cash to the School Office. Children need a packed lunch for school, which we have before we go in the classroom. We will be back to school at 5pm.   It is also Christmas Jumper Day in aid of Save the Children. Wear your wackiest festive jumper and bring in a pound to support this worthy cause.



This week we have been writing the beginning our own dystopian novels, using action to allow the reader to infer about setting and character. This has been challenging, and the children have worked hard on allowing the reader to infer by showing, not telling. Next week we will be finishing off our work on Floodland, by writing short reviews of the book. We will also be brainstorming ideas for our book corner, as it looks a bit sad at the moment.

Maths – This week we have been dividing decimals by whole numbers, using place value counters, tree diagrams and the bus stop method. Next week we will be doing some exciting Christmas problem solving activities and logic problems!

Science – This week we learnt about the double circulatory system in mammals, and recreated the circulation in our classroom. It was a challenge to get oxygenated and deoxygenated blood cells to the organs in time! The children then drew diagrams to show their developing understanding of how the circulatory system works in humans.

Topic – Our book is finally finished, and is really rather special. The children have worked very hard in their groups, and have produced a fantastic resource for the rest of the school to use.

Homework –

Singing – please practice all the songs we have to perform for the concerts: Silent night, Once in Royal David’s City, Ding Dong Merrily on High and We Wish You A Merry Christmas. Make sure you know the words inside out and back to front. We are setting the example for the rest of Weston Park.

If you are a reader – please practice your reading. Make sure you are reading clearly, loudly and not rushing. You don’t need to know it off by heart, but it will help you to know it extremely well so you can look up when you speak and project your voice.

If you are not doing a reading – practice reading a page of your book out loud with ultimate expression, loud clear voice etc. Presentation skills are a must in Year 6!

Spellings: They are stuck in your homework book. Please make sure you are using a number of strategies to work on these. HFW of the week are added to your lists!