Friday 9th March 2018

Dear parents and carers,



The class have read the traditional poem ‘The Lady of Shalott’ by Lord Tennyson. Children discussed themes and conventions across the poem- they made links with similar texts they have read and made comparisons. Before reading to the end, they made informed predictions which they analyzed and compared after reading to the end. The class moved on to write what they inferred about the main character in the text- they were challenged to make deeper inferences based upon what the character was thinking, feeling as well as their actions along with the writer’s description.


Reading: Children are continuing to read for at least 15 minutes in class every day. They are encouraged to chose texts that they are interested in.



As a follow on from the topic of fractions, children have moved on to explore percentages. They were encouraged to depict percentages visually so that I could assess whether they understood percentages as a concept. Links were made with decimals and fractions and pupils moved on to solve fractions and percentages problems.



Pupils continued to look at a painting depicting a battle with Alexander the Great. Children listed questions they would like to ask Alexander and they have started to consider the impact of his rule and exploration across Asia.



*Last week I was unable to give pupils their homework as school was closed due to the snow. Therefore, last week’s homework has rolled over to this week.

Spelling: Spelling sheet

Maths: Fractions activities, pupils have 2 sets of activities ranging in difficulty. They can choose the level of difficulty.

English: Pupils will have myth-planning template. They will need to plan a myth, which they will write in class next week.



Have a lovely weekend!