Notices – Check the theme for your child’s birthday month so they are suited and booted for the calendar shoot on Thursday 20th October

English – This week the children listened to various carnival poems by John Lyons. They enjoyed exploring rhythms, refrains and language patterns in some of his poetry. They also created mind maps based on this theme and they have also started to write some of their own poems.

Maths – This week the children explored equivalent fractions and made fraction of amounts.

Science – This week the children discussed different types of teeth such as canines and molars. They focussed carefully on the different teeth they used whilst eating various items of food.

Next week we will continue to investigate teeth in more detail. If you have any dental records please photocopy them for our class display.

Homework- Complete your book review. All reviews will eventually go in the book corner so they need to be written neatly and be of a high standard!

We want our book corner to look amazing. If you have any spare cushions, throws, small chairs, bean bags or small rugs that you would like to donate then please let me know. Also bring any small pictures of your children reading at home or in different places such as in the park, on the bus or tube that we can use to make our book corner as inviting as possible.


Best wishes