English – This week the children wrote some imaginary interviews between a reporter and an expert on witches. They also created some wonderful recipes for spells.


Next week they will be focussing on poetry. They will spend time reading various poems, then focus on gesture and voice to perform poems and finally start to plan and write one of their own.


Maths – This week the focus was symmetry and the children discussed the line of symmetry, how you know whether a shape is symmetrical and they made also made and repeated symmetrical patterns.


Next week we will be looking at multiplication and division.



This week the children explored the journey food makes as it is digested. They had a great time using various kitchen tools, foods, and other materials to recreate the digestive process.

Next week we will be exploring teeth in more detail.



To prepare the children for next week your child needs to become familiar with a poem of their choice (of at least 3- 4 stanzas). They must practise reading it expressively. If they can learn it by heart all the better. Please bring in your poem for Monday if possible as we will have a sharing session. Also answer the following questions:

What is the name of the poem and who wrote it?

What type of poem is it?

What type of language does the poem use?

Do you like any particular words or phrases? Which ones and why?


Whose is the voice of the poem?


What is the theme of the poem?


ous words


Have a great weekend.