In maths the children practised column addition using 3 digit number. Next week we will focus on decimals and fractions.

In English we read various fantasy extracts then wrote a fantasy setting.

In Science we explored and created food chains and discussed what might happen if there is a break in the food chain. Next week I will do an assessment activity based on the learning done so far in Science.



Please practise your 2’s, 3’s 4’s 5’s and 10 times tables and complete your work sheet.

Use moon maths website to practise.

Extra challenge – How many ways can you make 24 using all 4 operations?

Eg: 3+3×2+12=24


Try to be systematic when completing this challenge.


All of a muddle work sheet.


After, who, any, because, would, address, answer, purpose, quarter, unusually, comically, dreadfully, accidentally, actually, finally.

The first 5 spellings are revision words from the year 2 spelling list and must be learned by all children. Remember there will be a spelling test on Friday.