English – This week the children edited their ‘spells’ and wrote them up in best. They discussed what they know about poetry, listened to various poets and each other read a range of poems. They practised reading poems to each other, paying special attention to their voice and use of gesture to engage an audience.

Next week they will explore poetry in further detail.

Maths – This week the children did a range of multiplication tasks using the 9 and 6 times tables. Do practise these at home. You can use this web site to help:



Next Week the children will be learning about fractions.


This week the children researched various types of teeth then planned and wrote a survey. They thought carefully about their choice of questions and how a reader might respond.

Next week we will be planning an investigation in order to explore dental hygiene.



Practise your 6 and 9 times tables

Complete your maths sheet. Choose a challenge that you feel suits your needs or do all three.

Spellings: https://www.spellanywhere.co.uk/insert.php?view=1&id=1095&listid=116881

Have a restful weekend.