Matisse Class Letter – 3rd February 2017

Thank you very much to Andrew (Benjy’s Grandad) and Al who came in to talk to the class about Andrew’s job as an engineer. Andrew showed us some buildings he has designed and built in the local area, he talked to the children about how to stay safe on a building site and showed us lots of materials used when building including bricks, timber, pipes and hinges etc. He also used a level to check if our classroom is level and we discovered our classroom is tilted! The children thoroughly enjoyed Andrew’s visit and learnt so much about building!

Sounds of the week:

Set 2 sounds:

ir (whirl and twirl)

ou (shout it out!)

oy (toy for a boy)

Matisse Class now know all the Set 2 sounds! We’ll spend the remainder of the spring term consolidating these sounds by applying them our reading and writing. Please continue to share your child’s sound book with them on daily basis, remember to sound out and blend the words on each page too.

Red Words: do  of  was 

Please help your child to practise reading and spelling the weekly red words in their sound book, they can write the words on the line below.


All children have taken part in group reading sessions with Adelle this week. Please look out for either red word flash cards or a sheet of green and red words in your child’s book bag to practise reading at home. Many thanks for your continued support with your child’s reading.


This week we read the story Iggy Peck Architect by Andrea Beaty (Thanks to Clara and Lauren for sharing this book with the class!) We discussed the job of an architect and looked at famous bridge designs from around the world. The children then worked in role as ‘Matisse Class Architects’ and designed a bridge to go over our water tray; they drew a detailed design and wrote a list of materials and equipment needed e.g. wood, bricks, screws etc. Here’s a link to a YouTube video of the book, you may like to share it at home with your child:


Our number of the week has been the number 14 we practised counting to 14 and writing this number down. We have also focused on addition; the children have been solving addition problems using trolls inspired by the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. They have been counting all the trolls in two groups to find a total. They’ve been recording their problems using an addition number sentence using the + and = signs.


Building has proved so popular this week; we’re going to carry on with the theme next week! We’ll set up our Carpenter’s workshop and the children will be able to use real saws and hammers to cut and nail wood. We’ll mix some (play) cement to use with our real bricks. There will be den-building materials in our outside area and the children will explore building lego boats to float in our water tray. 

Have a lovely weekend,

Adelle and Sue