Matisse Class Letter – 10th February 2017


Sounds of the week:

This week we’ve been assessing the children’s knowledge of the Set 2 sounds. Lots of children are struggling to recognise air, ir, ou and oy. We’ve been practising these sounds in class this week, but if you could also focus on these sounds at home when sharing your child’s sound book with them we would be very grateful.


Red Words: he   she

Please help your child to practise reading and spelling the weekly red words in their sound book, they can write the words on the line below.



Please continue to read with your child everyday throughout half term. Reading with your child for 10 minutes daily really makes all the difference to their progress and attainment.



To link in with our ‘Building’ topic this week we read the story of The Three Little Pigs. The children acted out the dialogue between the Wolf and the Three Pigs and enjoyed getting into character by thinking about the expression in their voices. They then recorded this dialogue using speech bubbles to show what the characters say. This is the first time Matisse Class have written in full sentences, we discussed the importance of starting a sentence with a capital letter, separating the words using finger spaces and using a full stop at the end of a sentence.



Our number of the week has been the number 15, we practised counting to 15 and writing this number down. Our maths area was turned into a Valentines maths area and there have been lots of love themed games on offer for the children to play to help consolidate their number recognition and counting skills.



Our topic after half term will be The Human Body. Our role-play area will become a Hospital so the children can explore the job of a doctor or a nurse. We’ll find out about the inside of our bodies including the special job of the heart, blood, lungs and brain. We’ll read the story ‘Funnybones’ and label a skeleton in English and we’ll explore subtraction in maths through visiting the Dentist. E.g. 10 teeth – 3 teeth = 7 teeth left


We hope you have lots of fun over the half term break,

Adelle and Sue