Matisse Class Letter – 11th November 2016



  • Just a reminder that we have moved to the new updated version of Tapestry, to access Tapestry please visit:
  • Please bring your £6 donations for cooking to Sue or Adelle. This week the children cooked banana bread, it smelt delicious!


Sounds of the week:

l (Down the leg.)

h (Down, up and over the horse.)

sh (Shhh, says the horse to the hissing snake)

r (Down the robot and over his arm)


Please continue to look at your child’s sound book on a daily basis and encourage children to say the pure sounds e.g. “llll”, rather than “luh” and “rrrr” rather than “ruh”. Feel free to ask Adelle and Sue if you are unsure about the pronunciation of any sound.


Word Time

This week the children took part in a Word Time 4 session with Adelle.


Please work with your child to practise reading the Word Time 4 words in their sound book.



All children have read 1:1 with Adelle this week.



Our number of the week has been the number 5; we practised writing this number and spotted the number 5 all around our classroom. We also continued to work on addition, during our maths carpet sessions, the children acted out and solved some real life addition problems. E.g. If there are 2 children playing on the Lego and 2 more join, how many children are there altogether? The children drew a pictorial representation of each problem to help them find the answer by counting all. Some children chose to complete the ‘Red Hot Chilli Challenge’ by recording a number sentence for each problem using the + and = signs. E.g. 2 + 2 = 4



Next week our topic will be superheroes and real life heroes. There will be a superhero writing table to encourage the children to make their own superhero cards and books. We’ll read the story ‘Supertato’ and the children can design and create their own ‘Supertato’ character at our Art table. We’ll discuss the work of real life heroes, such as Doctors, Nurses, Police Officers and Firemen and women and there will be a ‘real life heroes’ role-play area.


Have a lovely weekend,

Adelle and Sue