Matisse Class Letter – 14th October 2016



  • Thank you for supporting the children in coming into class independently each morning. Just a reminder that children should come into class via the Reception Class gate and parents should not be entering the school building due to our safeguarding policy.
  • If you have any old cut flowers you no longer want, we’d love to have them for our mud kitchen!
  • The school calendar shoot is next Thursday 20th October, please read the email sent out regarding your child’s month and costume. If you have any questions about the day please feel free to ask Adelle or Sue.


Sounds of the week:

t (down the tower, across the tower)

i (down the insect’s body and a dot for its head)

n (down Nobby and over his net)

p (down the plait and over the pirate’s face)


Please continue to share your child’s sound book with them each day, take a look at the new sound taught and also look back and practise the previous sounds. The children can also practise writing each sound by tracing over the letters in the sound book.


Word Time

This week the children took part in a word time session with Adelle. In ‘Word Time’ the children are taught to use the sounds they have learnt so far to read and write words. They sound out and then blend the sounds to read a word e.g. m_a_t = mat. Please practise sounding out and then blending the words in your child’s sound book this week.



All children have read 1:1 with Adelle this week. Please continue to read with your child for 10 minutes everyday, it really does make all the difference to your child’s learning.



Our number of the week has been the number 2; we practised writing this number and spotted the number 2 all around our classroom. We also read the story ‘Ten Terrible Dinosaurs’ to help us find 1more/ 1 less of a given number. Some children worked on dinosaur addition problems, they added spikes to dinosaurs to help them count all to find the total of two numbers.



Next week our topic will be Space, we’ll be learning about the different planets in our Solar System, they’ll be a space station role-play area, we’ll be doing some Alien maths and we’ll even read Alien words!


Have a lovely weekend,

Adelle and Sue