Matisse Class Letter – 21st October 2016



  • A reminder that Monday 31st October is an INSET day; the school is closed to all pupils on this day.
  • Parents’ Evening will take place on Tuesday 1st and Thursday 3rd Please see the letter sent home in your child’s book bag for information about how to sign up for an appointment using the online booking system.


Sounds of the week:

g (around the girl and down her hair)

o (round the orange)

c (round the caterpillar)

k (down the kangaroo’s body, tail and leg)


Please continue to look at your child’s sound book regularly during the half term break to help your child consolidate the sounds taught so far. It’s best to practise the sounds little and often.


Word Time

This week the children took part in a Word Time 2 session with Adelle. The children worked in teams to complete a treasure hunt in which they had to search for real CVC words and ‘alien’ nonsense CVC words e.g. pin or pag. After finding a word they had to return to Adelle, sound out and blend the word and then it could be placed in their team’s treasure chest.


Please work with your child to practise reading the Word Time 2 words in their sound book.



All children have read 1:1 with Adelle this week. Thank you for your continued support with your child’s reading, it really does make all the difference to your child’s learning and progress.



Our number of the week has been the number 3; we practised writing this number and spotted the number 3 all around our classroom. The children also took part in an alien maths game, they had to roll a dice, write the number they rolled down and then add this amount of googly eyes to an alien. Some very strange looking aliens were created!



After half term our weekly topic will be wild/zoo animals. The children will learn about the job of a vet, there will be a vet role play area and we will be sorting animals into different animal groups e.g. mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and birds.


We hope you have a fun and relaxing half term break!

Adelle and Sue