Matisse Class Newsletter – 23rd February 2018


  • Book week is February 26th – March 2nd.
  • On March 2nd we will be visiting Hornsey Library at 10.30am, where the librarians will read a story. Please ensure your child wraps up warm as it is forecast to be cold and we will be walking.
  • Dress up day is Thursday 1st March and the Matisse Class theme is going to be Space! Your child could come dressed as an Alien, or maybe an astronaut, or anything else you can think of from Outer space!

Reading & Phonics:

This week the children have worked really hard to learn the final 2 Set 2 sounds:


oy (a toy for a boy)

The children are continuing to consolidate set 1 and set 2 sounds in writing activities and based on their guided reading books. Next week we will be assessing phonics knowledge individually and this will take one or two of our reading sessions. This will help us determine which sounds we need to recap as a whole class.


This week the children have been fascinated with Space! We have discussed lots of facts about the Moon, asteroids, planets and more. In their writing, the children have asked a question, highlighting what they would like to learn about in the topic. In a couple of weeks time we will be able to answer our own questions.

Junk Modelling & Art Wish-list:

  • Please keep bringing in recycling for junk modelling – the children love to create!
  • Lids
  • Anything shiny (paper, fabric etc)

Have a lovely weekend,

Lauren and Sue.