Matisse Class Newsletter – 6th October 2017



  • Please ensure your child brings a water bottle to school each day.
  • Please ensure your child brings their bookbag each day, as we update the soundbooks daily.
  • Parents evenings are 17th and 19th


Reading & Phonics:

Children have been given a book today to practice over the weekend. Please do make sure your child returns their school books as I cannot give them a new one until the old one is returned.


This week the children have worked really hard and learned 4 new sounds:

m – ‘mmmmm’ this is a long, stretchy sound

a – a short, bouncy sound

s – ‘sssss’ this is a long, stretchy sound

d – a short, bouncy sound


Your child can practice saying and writing their sounds at home by using the information in their sound books. Next week we will have four new sounds – t, i, n and p. We will also begin to blend words using the sounds we are familiar with



Our number of the week has been number 1. We have practised writing the number 1 and looking for things that come as one (such as 1 nose). We have had lots of fun learning a new song, which some of you may know, called ‘one finger one thumb’.



Every Thursday the children cook with Sue and Donna. This week they made jam tarts! They were delicious! The children cook in small groups so they get a really hands on experience. We ask for a £6 donation towards cooking each half term to cover the cost of the ingredients. Some of this money may be spent on malleable resources too (e.g. for making play dough). Please bring your cooking money to the office.


Junk Modelling Wish-list:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Tubes
  • Plastics and lids
  • String
  • Ribbon
  • Scraps of material
  • Straws


Have a lovely weekend,

Lauren and Sue