Matisse Class Letter – 7th October 2016


It’s been a busy week in Matisse Class, with all the children now in school full time! Now that the children are fully settled please say your goodbyes at the Reception Class gate as the children are expected to come into class independently. Adelle and Sue are always available to support any children that find saying goodbye difficult. Due to our safeguarding policy parents are not permitted to enter the school building through the classroom door, as we need to be able to track exactly who is in school at any time. Thank you in advance for your support.



  • Thank you for helping the children to have their sound books ready each morning to put in the tray, it really does make our job much easier.
  • If you have not yet paid £6 for cooking money this term, please bring to Adelle or Sue a.s.a.p.
  • Each year the HSA creates a school calendar, which all the children will feature in! The school calendar shoot is on Thursday 20th October, please read the email sent out regarding your child’s month and costume.


Sounds of the week:

This week the children began learning the Set 1 sounds.


m (down Maisie, mountain, mountain)

a (around the apple, down the leaf)

s (slither down the snake)

d (around the dinosaur’s bottom, up to it’s head and down to it’s feet)


Please share your child’s sound book with them each day, take a look at the new sound taught and also look back and practise the previous sounds. The children can also practise writing each sound by tracing over the letters in the sound book.



All children have read 1:1 with Adelle this week. Thank you for reading with your child at home each day, it really does make all the difference to their learning.



Our number of the week has been the number 1; we practised writing this number and spotted the number 1 all around our classroom. We also focused on counting forwards and backwards within 20 and recognising the numerals from 0 – 10.



From next week, we will have a weekly topic/focus. Our topic next week will be dinosaurs, we’ll be classifying dinosaurs into herbivores, omnivores and carnivores, reading ‘Ten Terrible Dinosaurs’ to help us find 1 more/ 1 less of a number, using tweezers to dissect ‘dinosaur poo’ at our finger gym table and cooking salt dough dinosaur fossils.


Have a lovely weekend,

Adelle and Sue