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Meeting attendance can be found at the end of these minutes

Governing Body

Minutes of meeting of Governors held on Monday 21st March 2016 at 19:15

Part 1

1        Apologies and Welcome

  • Apologies for non attendance were noted for Leanne. Barry was welcomed to the meeting.

2        Declarations of Interests relating to this agenda – Nothing to report.

3        Minutes of the meetings held on 8th February 2016 were AGREED and signed as a true record.

4         Matters arising from Minutes [not shown elsewhere on this agenda]

4.1           Follow up on ACTIONS from the 7th December 2015 meeting.

4.1.1   ACTION 5 – Nic stated that there is no money in the pot for a SEND admin at this time.

4.1.2   ACTION 10 –  Nic stated that he will meet with Jan and Leanne regarding the division of duties for link governor purposes, between the wider area of safeguarding and CP.

4.1.3   ACTION 17 –  Nic to update on LSCB Audit.

4.2     Follow up on ACTIONS from the 8th February 2016 Meeting.

4.2.1  ACTION 1 – The Standards Committee TOR is still being reviewed and Jan is meeting with Nic.

4.2.2   ACTION 2 – Still outstanding.  Leanne to circulate the minutes from the February PPP Committee meeting.

4.2.3  ACTION 3 – Governors were asked to sign up for the LA training if possible, pedning any information on training from Marianne

4.2.4   ACTION 4 – Continuing with Carolyn and Michelle.

4.2.5   ACTION 5 – Nic confirmed that the pupil premium and sports premium policies have been updated but he will meet with Jessica to confirm other updates required by the website audit are all complete by the next meeting.

4.2.6   ACTION 5b – Tim will report back in the late summer term meeting regarding the core subject report for KS1.

4.2.7   ACTION 6 – will be discussed in Part 2 of the meeting.

4.2.8   ACTION 7 – Leanne spoke with the SBM from Tetherdown who was very positive about the reponse thus far from Islington Council for Payroll and Personnel.  Jessica noted that a governor at Coleridge had heard positive feedback from schools that have switched to Islington.   To be followed up at the next meeting, when Leanne can report back.

4.2.9   ACTION 8 – will be discussed later in the meeting.

4.2.10 ACTION 9 – Committee Chairs to report back at the next meeting regarding the optimal number of meetings for each committee.

4.2.11 ACTION 10 – Thank you to Tim for writing the March governors’ notes for Headlines and Richard for volunteering to write the May notes.

5                 Membership 

5.1           Jessica discussed the need for an additional Co-Opted governor, as we are a bit thin on the ground, given all the work going on in Committees.  Jessica has spoken with Governor Services regarding when the best time to submit an amended Instrument of Government, in order to have everything in place for September and they have said it should be submitted in the summer term (June).  Governors asked what area of expertise we may like the new governor to have.  Jessica stated that someone with legal experience would be helpful especially with the governmental push towards the MAT, or an additional finance person.  There was a brief discussion around the proposed legislation that would do away with  parent governors.  Jessica and Tim noted that it is unclear as to when this legislation will be passed.  Governors AGREED that an additional governor is required.  Jessica reported that she had already been in contact with the LA with regards to replacing Carolyn when she leaves the GB in October.  ACTION 1 – Jessica to contact SGOSS looking for someone with either contracts, legal and/or a finance background to fill the additional co-opted governor position, once the Instrument of Government has been amended and agreed with the LA.  Jessica also mentioned she would contact a former Lib Dem Councillor, to see if he might be interested in becoming a governor. ACTION 2 – Jessica to approach and see if he is interested.

6                 Committee Reports

  • Standards and Curriculum Committee [Baker, Hopkinson, Hunt and Langham]
    • Did not meet prior to the meeting.
  • Finance Committee [Gallagher, Headen, Hunt, Rouleau, Associate Member Peter Baran, Associate Member Natalie Lyons and School Business Manager Michelle Moss]
    • Did not meet as the numbers hadn’t come through from the Council. The committee AGREED to meet after the holidays.
    • Nic reported that Michelle has done a lot of work to ensure that the salary figures are correct with the new taxes and pension contributions coming in from April 1st.
    • Nic reported that the school is still waiting on a few figures from the Council, including Pupil Premium; SEND top up and contingency; and growth contingency.
    • Nic and Michelle have been reviewing the figures for the end of the 2015/16 financial year but anticipate projected in year surplus of approximately £60,000. This is higher than originally projected.  Nic noted that the SLT is reviewing SEND provision. Jessica requested that the costing for the nursery and the options that were reviewed be further discussed at the next Finance Committee meeting.
  • Pay, Personnel and Premises Committee [Baker, Hoffman, Hunt and Woff]
    • Did not meet prior to the meeting
  • Special Educational Needs Governor [Hoffman] – Nothing to report.
  • Child Protection [Langham] – Will be discussed in Part 2 of the meeting and will be moved to Part 2 for all future meetings.
  • Safeguarding Governor [Hoffman] – Will be discussed in Part 2 of the meeting and will be moved to Part 2 for all future meetings.
  • Training Governor [Headen]
    • Felicity encouraged governors to sign up for the governors’ safeguarding training, 18th April and 19th
    • Felicity reminded governors about the TAD on 6th June which is a joint Governor and Staff training for the SDP.
    • Jessica stated that Governor Support will also come to the governors for a training session. ACTION 4 – Jessica to discuss possible training options with Governor Support.
  • Communications Governor [Baker]
    • Carolyn reported that she sent around the new sign up sheets for assemblies and HSA meetings.
    • Jessica reported on the HSA meeting she attended as follows:
      • The HSA approved a number of bids from teachers for projects in school; Jessica asked whether this was perhaps why there hadn’t been much take up of the curricular projects budget that had been set aside this year.
      • There was a lot of discussion on the ASC booking system and lack of spaces
      • There was a discussion regarding the schools toilets and hygiene in general. ACTION 5 – Nic/Marianne to put a section in Headlines about handwashing and hygiene.
      • ACTION 6 – Carolyn volunteered to attend the meeting on the 26th April.
      • The Spring Fair will have a Brazilian theme celebrating the summer Olympics.
      • During the Q&A Jessica explained why she was there, to improve communications between the GB and the HSA. She explained the GB’s role and noted that peope were welcome to attend Part I of GB meetings.  She also drew the HSA’s attention to the GB annual report, on the school’s website, and to the GB minutes, also available on the website.  There was very positive feedback about the governor presence at the meeting.
    • Parent / Teacher meetings are the 18th and 21st of April. ACTION 7 – Carolyn to provide a survey for governors to review on homework.
  • Link Governor Reports – Carolyn is reporting on Early Years and Science. ACTION 8 – Emily was assigned to take over Maths (link teacher Adelle).  Richard will carry over his report to the May meeting.  Governors are reminded of the time table for link governor reports as follows with the current report highlighted in YELLOW and the next report highlighted in GREEN:
    Area                       Governor Responsible    Date of Report          Report to
    EYFS/Science         Carolyn                             March                     Full governors
    Safeguarding/CP     Jan                                   December               Full governors
    KS1                        Tim                                   February                 Full governors
    KS2                        Richard                             May                        Full governors
    Maths                     Emily                                May                        Full governors
    English/Literacy       Jessica                             July                        Full governors
    SEND                     Leanne                             July                        Full governors

    • Early Year Foundation Stage – Carolyn met with Felicity.
      • Carolyn reported that the EYFS Policy has been signed off and there are no major concerns.
      • Felicity noted that 87% of last year’s Reception Class reached the expected level of progress and this year’s class is expected to achieve the same. It is noted that there is one SEND child in the class and some behavioural issues that are being addressed.
      • Carolyn noted that summer born children did not perform as well as others. Governors asked if this is expected.  Felicity stated that at certain points in the year the trend can be the other way around, but Felicity and Nic will dig a bit more into the trend.
      • Carolyn had an opportunity to look at Tapestry which looks like a fantastic resource for both the parents and the teaching staff. It has afforded a uniformity in the reporting for the Nursery and Reception classes.
      • Reception have more raw materials (bricks, mud, wood etc) in the playground and Felicity and Phoebe have undertaken a course in Being Creative in Early Years Science.
      • Science – Carolyn met with Felicity.
      • Carolyn reported that Science teaching in the school is of a really high quality , but as a parent she couldn’t understand how it was being marked and assessed.
      • Felicity has made significant progress in ensuring Science marking is consistent throughout the school. This marking is now all monitored on Target Tracker.
      • Felicity has put together an annual action plan linking science with Maths.
      • The school is using a data and skills-based approach to Science, encouraging children to predict outcomes over the course of a number of lessons.
      • There are a number of changes in the new curriculum including:
        * Evolution is to be taught in Years 5 and 6

* Children are to be encouraged to design experiments by themselves         From the data, there is no significant difference in achievement in science between boys and girls.         Felicity discussed Science Week and explained that it will be a ‘hands on’ week of explorative science.  Funding of science week under curricular projects has already been discussed at the Finance Committee and the governors re-iterated the Committee’s AGREEMENT to provide funding for the week under the E19 Curricular Projects.         ACTION 8 – Felicity will write about marking Science in Headlines and Carolyn will will mention it at the HSA meeting.

7.3               The governors thanked both Carolyn and Felicity for the reports.

8        Headteacher’s Report

8.1     Nic reported that staff meeting Leanne ran on work-life balance was very helpful and constructive.

8.2     Data:  For this point in the year, the data is looking good.  It was noted that the data for Year 1 is different as the school is only looking at Autumn term results and not the cumulative results from the Summer Term.

8.3     Nic stated that expected progress is four points and any data above this links to the school’s SDP.

8.4     Pupil Progress meetings have been ongoing and the data looks very healthy for all classes with almost all reporting four points progress in the core areas.  It was noted that those classes with a high SEND percentage will require further unpicking.  Governors asked which classes this affected.  Nic stated that Year 5 is a good example.

8.5     Governors asked why, in Reception, four children were not forecasted to make expected progress.  Nic explained that last year the national average for reaching expected progress was 68% and the school achieved 87%.  He noted it is likely that the national average for this year will increase to 71%.  Nic expects the Recption class to achieve 87% again.

8.6     Nic reported that the DfE is drip feeding information on the new SATs to schools and there have been petitions by teachers and the NAHT threatening strike action over the SATs, given the large increase in the expected national average from a 4B to 5A (nearly two sub-levels of progress).

8.7     Nic stated that there are no longer separate Level 6 papers.  Another change is that difficult questions could be anywhere in the papers, rather than in the old system, where the questions at the beginning of the paper were the easiest and they became of increasing difficulty.

8.8     Year 6 SATs are the week of May 9th.

8.9     Nic further noted that the reading comprehension is all in one paper and the Year 6’s have been doing very well in the practice exams.  Governors thanked James and Nic for their hard work with the Year 6’s. 

8.10    Nic reported that the Year 2 SATs have also been revised and that within the SPAG test children will be required to read 90 words in 60 seconds.

8.11    Nic noted that the school has been chosen by the Scottish Qualifying Agency to test the SPAG test for Year 2 children. The SQA have been working with schools in England to pilot these exams.  Phoebe’s class has been chosen to test them on the 18th April and the school will not receive any feedback on the test.  Governors asked whether the school had been asked, or told, to participate in the tests.  Nic said they had been told.

8.12    The Year 6 class have also been chosen to have their results entered as a part of a DfE review.

8.13    Nic reported that all children in Years 1 – 6 have completed Diversity Role Model workshops and there has been very good feedback thus far.

8.14    Nic noted that the SLT had been discussing homework again.  He said that he intends to write something about homework in Headlines and to issue a survey to find out whether homework a chore.  Governors agreed that there is a need to prepare older children for secondary school and homework helps to do that, but were happy for the approach to be reviewed.  It was agreed that the questions need to be relevant and that homework should be more practical and bite size for younger children and help with planning and efficient use of time for older children.

8.15    Governors asked Nic about the data for Rothko class as the SEN children are not captured in the SEN data.  ACTION 9 – Nic to correct the Headteacher’s Report.

9        Chair’s Report

9.1     ACTION 10 – Richard and Emily to report at the next meeting on KS2 and Maths, respectively.

9.2     The next full governors meeting is scheduled for 23rd May.

9.3     ACTION 11 – Governors will attend the staff training day on 6th June as a combined planning day with the staff to work on the 2016-2017 School Improvement Plan.  The training is scheduled for all day from 9:00am – 3:30pmJessica asked Nic to provide a more details on the agenda and content of the meeting as soon as possible, to help governors prepare and participate fully.

9.4     ACTION 12:  Jessica to sign up for NGA membership to support governors’ work.  The school AGREED to pay for the membership.

10      Educational Visits and Journeys – Year 6 camping date still TBD.

11      School to School Support – Nothing to report.

12      NLC Fund – Nothing to report.

13      Any Other Business – Nothing to report.

Part 1 of meeting ended at 20:30.

Signed by Chair                                             Date

Meeting Attendance:

Local Authority Governor [1]:  *Carolyn Baker [October 2016]

Parent Governors [2] : +Leanne Hoffman [March 2017] and *Jan Langham [May 2019] Vice Chair

 Co-Opted Governors [4]: *Tim Gallagher [March 2018], *Emily Hopkinson [January 2020], *Jessica Rouleau [September 2018] Chair, *Richard Woff [March 2018]

Staff Governors [3]: *Felicity Headen [November 2017], *Nic Hunt, Head Teacher Governor

 Also present:  *Michelle Moss Clerk

* indicates those attended       + denotes apologies noted