Minutes of Weston Park HSA Meeting held on 5th May 2015

Present:   Susie Dickson (Chair Year 6 and 2), Jane Stokes (Nursery and yr 2), Lisa Finch (Year 2 and 4), Maria Carrion (year 1), Kate Aslett Year 5,2 and nursery), Kerrie O’Sullivan (nursery and year 1), Russell Heron (year 3),   Jeanette Adames (year 4), Alastair Ward (year 2 and reception), Yen Fox  (Secretary, nursery, year 2 and 4), Barry Connolly (year 1), Marianne Rebak                  (deputy head), Libby Blackett (year 2 and reception), Jessie Hewitson   (reception) Anthony Charles (year 1)

  1. Apologies for absence

Erica, Jo, Tara Kirsty, Martin, Hannah, Kim,

  1. Minutes from previous meeting

Junior School Summer Theatre

Trip to Globe theatre for workshop and performance at a cost of £9 per child.

Action point:

  • Susie to find out about dates for this and to liaise with Nic (Dates to avoid June 22nd-24th and July 8th)
  • Marianne to check with teachers to see if they would be interested
  • Marianne clarified that the school rule is that no balls to be brought into school from home. Each class has been allocated a ball to use at playtimes.

Spring Fair update

Class reps have started to sort out their stalls with donations and rotas for parent volunteers.

All whole school donations communications via Spring Fair Committee will co ordinate texts to be sent out to ask for donations/help either to whole school or more specifically to particular classes.

There will be a trial of the use of card machine at the Bar as well as the usual payment with cash.

Raffle tickets to be put into book bags tomorrow

Action Points: Marianne to speak to Nic re opening the school

Summer Barbeque

Date: July 11th 6-9pm

Action Points:

  • Susie to check with Karen
  • Yen to apply for the TEN for this
  • Maria and Kate to organise the food
  • Al and Anthony to organise the bar
  • Susie to ask Ruth re disco
  1. Funding requests

None received

6. Any other business

Sports Day: Kate has found possible coffee provider

Action point: Susie to check with Trevor that this is what is wanted

Discussion of Nursery summer trip to Art House for Magic show

It is proposed to take all children attending nursery to a single performance (as this halves the cost of the trip)

Action Point: Marianne to check with Nic and Helen

  1. Date of the next meeting

Tuesday 16th June 7.30pm