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Minutes of meeting of Governor Body meeting held on Monday 23rd May 2016 at 19:15

Meeting attendance can be found at the end of these minutes

Part 1

1        Apologies and Welcome

  • Apologies for non attendance were noted for Leanne. Barry was welcomed to the meeting.

2        Declarations of Interests relating to this agenda – Nothing to report.

3        Minutes of the meetings held on 21st March 2016 were AGREED and signed as a true record.

4                 Matters arising from Minutes [not shown elsewhere on this agenda]

4.1           Follow up on ACTIONS from the 7th December 2015 meeting.

4.1.1   ACTION 5 – Has been discussed and the matter has been closed.

4.1.2   ACTION 10 –  Jessica noted that a decision had been taken, in consultation with Leanne and Jan that it was preferable for Jan to continue to have overall responsibility for Safeguarding and designate areas as necessary within the safeguarding umbrella to Leanne, rather than having two lead governors for safeguarding and CP, respectively.  The matter is now closed.

4.1.3   ACTION 17 –  The school has completed Haringey’s safeguarding audit.  This matter is closed.

4.2     Follow up on ACTIONS from the 8th February 2016 Meeting.

4.2.1  ACTION 1 – Leanne sent the minutes from the PPP meeting and the matter is now closed.

4.2.2   ACTION 2 – The matter is now closed.

4.2.3  ACTION 3 – Jessica, Tim, Richard, Emily and Jan all attended the governors’ Safeguarding Training.  Carolyn has not been able to attend training but her term finishes after the July meeting. This matter is now closed.

4.2.4   ACTION 4 – The updates to the governors’ page on the website are still ongoing with Carolyn and Michelle.

4.2.5   ACTION 5 – The review of Carolyn’s website audit is not yet complete.   This will be discussed later in the meeting.

4.2.6   ACTION 5b – Tim will report back next academic year on the subject report for KS1, focusing on the foundation subjects.  ACTION 1 – Nic will ask the staff to report to governors with a curriculum overview for the year at the July meeting.

4.2.7   ACTION 6 – will be discussed in Part 2 of the meeting.

4.2.8   ACTION 7 – To be followed up at the next meeting, when Leanne can report back about Tetherdown’s experience moving HR to Islington from Haringey.

4.2.9   ACTION 8 – Jessica has amended the instrument of government, as agreed, and sent it to Haringey for approval.   She will report back when approval is received.

4.2.10 ACTION 9 – Jessica reported that committee chairs may need to include an extra meeting into their cycle to ensure that there is enough time for policy reviews by the designated committees.  This will be discussed later in the meeting.

4.2.11 ACTION 10 – Thank you to Tim for writing the March governors’ notes for Headlines and Richard for volunteering to write the May notes.

4.3     Follow up on ACTIONS from the 21st March 2016 Meeting.

4.3.1   ACTIONS 1 and 2– Jessica will discuss further under the membership area.

4.3.2   ACTION 4 – Jessica asked governors for suggestions on possible areas for full GB training from Governor Services for the new Academic Year.  Governors to email Jessica accordingly.

4.3.3   ACTION 5 – Nic advised that a separate letter will go out to parents on handwashing.

4.3.4   ACTION 6 – Carolyn was not able to attend the HSA meeting.  No other governor was available.   Jan volunteered to go to the June HSA meeting.

4.3.5   ACTION 7 – Whilst there was not a survey for parents this year, there is a board up for parents to voice concerns and questions on homework, playgrounds and communication.  Nic stated that whilst there haven’t been any queries, there have been a few comments, which he will collate and report on in the next Headlines.

4.3.6   ACTION 8 – Emily has taken over as the Maths link governor and this matter is now closed.

4.3.7   ACTION 8a – Felicity will write in Headlines or produce a letter for parents that talks about science teaching, marking and assessment, as well as experiments that have been taking place in school. This will be done during Science Week in the 2016-2017 school year.

4.3.8   ACTION 9 – Nic will amend his HT report from the March meeting prior to the next meeting to reflect the correct information.

4.3.9   ACTION 10 – This matter is now closed.

4.3.10 ACTION 11 – This matter will be discussed later in the meeting.

4.3.11 ACTION 12 – Jessica has finalised the GB’s NGA membership.  All governors have been sent their login details and should be receiving the NGA’s newsletter on a weekly basis.  This matter is now closed.

5                 Membership –

  • Jessica reported that she has sent through the new Instrument of Government to Governor Services and is hoping that it will be approved in time for the new academic year.
    • Jessica reported that Carolyn is stepping down in July as opposed to October. As discussed at previous meetings, she has contacted other suggested individuals, the LA and SGOSS for candidates.  Richard and Jessica met one of the candidates, who they feel would be a good addition to the governing body.

6                 Governors AGREED Jessica should offer the position to the candidate.  ACTION 2 – Jessica to invite the candidate to join the governing body, as new LA governor, and then ensure confirmation of the appointment by the LA so the GB can ratify in July.

 7                 Committee Reports

  • Standards and Curriculum Committee [Baker, Hopkinson, Hunt and Langham]
    • Jan reported that at the last meeting the committee looked at pupil progress and Target Tracker and focussed on pupils making better than expected progress.
    • The committee also looked at the progress of summer born children.
    • Jan reported that she was pleased to see that attendance has improved, almost reaching the school’s target of 96.4%.
    • Jan asked if there were any questions on the committees minutes. There were none.
  • Finance Committee [Gallagher, Headen, Hunt, Rouleau, Associate Member Peter Baran, Associate Member Natalie Lyons and School Business Manager Michelle Moss]
  • To be discussed under the agenda item on Budgets.
  • Pay, Personnel and Premises Committee [Baker, Hoffman, Hunt and Woff]
    • Will be discussed in Part 2 of the meeting.
  • Special Educational Needs Governor [Hoffman] – Nothing to report.
  • Child Protection [Langham] – Will be discussed in Part 2 of the meeting and will be moved to Part 2 for all future meetings.
  • Safeguarding Governor [Langham]
    • Jan noted that the new safeguarding policy had been agreed by governors and put on the website. She also noted that she, Nic, Marianne and Sophie had devoted a significant amount of time to completing Haringey’s new Safeguarding Audit and that this was a very useful tool.  There are some actions required, but overall, the school is on top of requirements.
    • Nic had a staff meeting to deliver the new safeguarding policy. He handed out a copy of the safeguarding audit to staff and reviewed the Code of Conduct as well as safer recruitment information.
    • Nic noted that on 15th June, the school’s SIA will be coming back for the summer 2 half-term visit, which, along with all schools in the Borough, will have a specific focus on safeguarding. ACTION 3 – Nic will email Shan the school’s Audit prior to the meeting and complete any short term actions identified in the audit.
  • Training Governor [Headen] – Nothing to report.
  • Communications Governor [Baker]
    • Carolyn was unable to attend the May meeting, at the last minute, but reported that the next HSA meeting is June 7 Jan volunteered to attend.
    • Carolyn reported that the HSA raised issues, including the sharing of toilets by boys and girls. It was noted at the meeting that only the sinks are communal.  The toilets are separate.
    • Parents at the HSA meeting asked how they can feedback to the school on specific issues. Nic stated that the feedback board is still up and available for parents to make comments on.  He suggested that class reps remind parents they can feedback to him on these issues at anytime. ACTION 4 – Carolyn to email the HSA to remind them.
    • Carolyn asked that Marianne be notified of any specific issues that the governor attending the HSA meeting is going to mention/raise, prior to the HSA meeting.
    • Staff BBQ – Monday 18th July has been set for the staff BBQ. ACTION 5 – Carolyn to organise the food, and delivery of the food on the day of the BBQ.  Michelle and Nic to purchase the drinks through the schools account.
    • Jan to request that the HSA purchase new BBQ’s.
  • Link Governor Reports – Emily is reporting on Maths and Richard on Key Stage 2. Governors are reminded of the time table for link governor reports as follows with the current report highlighted in YELLOW and the next report highlighted in GREEN:
    Area                       Governor Responsible    Date of Report          Report to
    EYFS/Science         Carolyn                             March                     Full governors
    Safeguarding/CP     Jan                                   December               Full governors
    KS1                        Tim                                   February                 Full governors
    KS2                        Richard                             May                        Full governors
    Maths                     Emily                                May                        Full governors
    English/Literacy       Jessica                             July                        Full governors
    SEND                     Leanne                             July                        Full governors

    • Maths – Emily met with Adelle and looked at the new resources available and the effectiveness of small groups. Emily also looked at the overall maths data, which is very positive.
    • Emily noted that one group of children that stand out is disadvantaged / FSM children, but the school is still awaiting the results of the Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 SATs.
    • Emily looked at the the school’s data in comparison to the national average, but noted that schools do not receive in-year information on Years 2 and 6.
    • In terms of the core groups, Adelle looks at the core FSM pupils, as well as those children who are FSM plus other indices; including summer born, EAL, SEND.
    • Emily reported that under Harriet’s remit, the school is continuing the ‘Numbers Count’ Course. All of the school’s FSM children in Year 2 receive support, but it also picks up those children in Year 3 that need help.  It is noted that the Year 3 children had a very large amount of material to cover this year, as they were using the old curriculum for their SATs at the end of Year 2.
    • Governors thanked Emily for a great report and asked the following questions:
      • When looking at a particular KS2 group of girls, what have the results been from the extra sessions? Nic stated the girls who are part of that group seem to have benefited greatly from the group and their confidence has increased.
      • From Adelle’s observations, there were a few teachers who needed a bit of support/training, has this happened? This has happened and Adelle is following up and going into classes again.
      • Maths Investigative skills week. How is this being funded? Nic stated this was already included in the E19 budget.
    • Key Stage 2 – Richard met with James.
      • Richard noted that maintaining the core subjects because they are not a part of the assessment process is a challenge. The school does a lot of really good work to ensure that the Foundation subjects are being used for development and motivation.
      • There are a lot of really good projects going on in Key Stage 2 including the Mantle of the Expert and this will be embedded over the next few years.
        • It was noted in the report that there is always a risk of a narrowing of the curriculum. Richard stated there is a lot going on in the Foundation curriculum, but at the same time the main focus is on both Maths and English and that there is scope for teaching other curriculum areas through these.

7.3     Jessica noted that the next reports are Literacy and SEND in July.

8        Budget – Jessica reported that she has signed off the numbers for the 2015-2016 Financial Year End, but has handed over the Chair of the Finance Committee to Tim, who will report on the proposed 2016-2017 Budget.

8.1      On the 2015-2016 Budget, Jessica noted that the school ended the year in a stronger position than expected due to savings in a number of areas as follows: renegotiation of the Cleaning/Site Management contract, lower gas and electric costs, and a decrease in rates.

8.1.2   Jessica further noted that there were a few areas of over spend, including on SMSAs, due to an increase in SEND children requiring support during lunch and staff training.

8.2     Tim reported on the proposed 2016-2017 Budget being recommended by the Finance Committee.

8.2.2   Tim noted that the income for the school has increased marginally from £1.86m to £1.9m.  This is a result of changes in how the funding formula is allocated.  The school has approximately £120k of unallocated income and a number of suggestions have been discussed by the Finance Committee, including:

  • Whole class instrumental teaching for all junior classes, noting that this will increase from 5 – 6 classes from September.
  • Year 6 visit to Spain, noting the school can apply for financial help from both Tottenham Grammar and the British Council, approximately £4k
  • Admin support for SEN staff members, approximately £2.5k
  • The Power of Reading Project – approximately £6k
  • An artist in residence to keep the art curriculum fresh, approximately £6.5k
  • A specialist music teacher for Key Stage 1 and EYFS, approximately £5k

8.2.3   These areas were discussed by Governors and were all AGREED to be appropriate for allocating the surplus.

It was noted that the school and Finance Committee recommend ring-fencing some money for SEND funding, given uncertainty as to how much funding the school might receive during the year.  As a result, £45k has been put aside for SEND.

8.2.4   Furthermore, the government is due to realease the new funding formula in September 2016 and we do not know how this will affect the school’s budget.

8.2.5   Nic noted a further pay increase for the non teaching staff (those on the NJC scale) of 1% has been agreed between unions and the government.  This will be backdated to April 1, 2016.

8.2.6   Governors asked how some of the surplus might be used to provide a solution to the narrowing of the curriculum, given various discussions about this with governors. Nic suggested that a former Head of PHSE for Haringey, might be available to deliver PSHE staff meetings and set teaching tasks.  This would ensure CPD for all teachers in PSHE, which can be used to teach a number of topics/areas.  Governors AGREED to allocated some of the surplus to this.  This teaching professional has already been booked in to provide a refresher on the Sex Ed curricular updates to the staff.  In addition, Nic noted that the morning section of the September training day will be an overall PHSE refresher for all staff.

8.2.8   Governors asked about the delivery of the Computer Science curriculum and whether it was possible to find some time for teacher training.  Nic stated that there should be enough in the surplus for a former member of staff to come back and teach one day a week, which would also allow for staff training in computer science, as teachers would be expected to remain in class while she is teaching.  Governors AGREED it would be worthwhile allocating part of the surplus for this activity.

8.2.9   Governors discussed the school’s teaching of and involvement in KS2 gymnastics events.  Nic stated that he was unaware of any interschool gymnastics events.  He further stated that some of the teachers are not comfortable teaching gymnastics and it is difficult to teach something you are not confident in.

8.2.10 Governors discussed increasing drama and school productions.  Nic noted that Shakespeare week was coming up soon and Jessica noted that she had agreed governors would participte in the Perfect Poetry Evening, which will take place in the 2016-2017 school year.

8.2.11 On behalf of the Finance Committee, Tim formally recommended the budget to the Governing Body for approval.  The Governing Body AGREED to approve the budget for 2016/17 including the agreed suggestions (and amounts) for allocation of the surplus.

9        Instrument of Government – discussed earlier in the meeting.

10      Headteacher’s Report

10.1    Nic provided governors with the updated SEF noting that this is a live report which is constantly added to and amended.  Nic asked governors to specifically look at the leadership and management area and if there are queries or comments to email him.

10.1.1 A governor asked what the purpose of the SEF was.  Nic explained that up until three years ago, the SEF was a statutory document. Although it is no longer statutory, it is considered good practice to have an up-to-date SEF.

10.1.2 Nic noted that the data in the SEF is historical.  This will change in July when this year’s data is received by the school.

10.2    Nic also reported on progress against three of the four school development priorities.  The last update was in December 2015 and this update includes the summer term information.  It was noted that there are still a few outstanding items.  Governors noted that it seemed most of the objectives under these priorities had been achieved.  Nic noted there would be more unpicking of achievements on the school’s priorities on the 6th June TAD.

10.3    Developments in the infant playground.  Nic stated that the perimeter fence has been fitted with some fake ivy foliage, which makes the playground more private.  The school is looking into whether this is something that can also be put on the fence between the school and the community centre.

10.4    Year 6 SATs – Nic felt the children have likely done really well.  It was noted that the reading paper for Year 6 was tough.  Governors thanked James and Sarah Summers for the amazing work they did in getting the children prepared.  The Chair noted her thanks to the staff, as the children were not stressed about the exams, but were well prepared and supported.  The Vice Chair concurred with this.

10.5    Year 2 finished their SATs on the day of the meeting.  Nic noted that there still has not been any information from the DfE with regards to how and when they will be publishing the results.  He is expecting an announcement on the situation on the 3rd June.  Governors thanked Phoebe and Trish for their hard work in preparing the children in Year 2.

10.6    Nic stated that the school had recently done their Health and Safety Audit with the authority and that early results for the school are a “Good”.  Nic noted a massive thanks to Janet and Michelle, who spent a significant amount of time getting all of the paperwork into place.

10.7    Nic lastly noted that he sent around a draft plan for the training day.  There is restraint training in the afternoon of the 6th   for staff.  Jessica asked all governors to reconfirm their availability on the 6th (YES).

11      Chair’s Report

11.1    Jessica noted a massive thank you to Michelle who has resigned as the Clerk, from the end of the school year.  There are a couple of options on the table and Jessica is meeting with a potential new Clerk in June.  We are also considering using Haringey’s Clerking Service.

11.2    Jessica noted that the meeitng date for the next meeting on the 4th July needs to be rescheduled and asked if governors were able to attend on the 11th instead.  Both Felicity and Richard are unable to attend and their apologies are noted.  The meeting is set for the 11th of July and has been moved to ensure that end of year data is available for review.

11.3    Jessica noted that Governors will be given badges to wear while they are in the school.  Photos of all governors present will be taken after the meeting.

11.5    Jessica noted that the government’s announcement on MATs, has been reversed for now. This issue will be revisited in September.

11.6    Jessica investigated membership in The Key.  It would be about £500/year.  It was AGREED that this would be revisited in September.

11.8    Jessica stated that the school will be undergoing it’s Financial Audit from the 11 – 14th July.

11.9    Policy Review Schedule – Jessica has looked at all of the statutory and other school policies and put all of them on to a spreadsheet, noting which committee should review which policy and the frequency of required reviews.  The spreadsheet notes whether the GB or Committees have the authority to review/ratify each policy.  Jessica reviewed the full list of policies with governors, who AGREED, for each, whether review and ratification would be done at Committee or full GB level.   It was AGREED that the review and ratification of policies will be noted in Committee minutes.  Policies that can only be ratified by the governing body will be done within the main body of the meeting.

ACTION 6 – Jesscia to attach the spreadsheet to the minutes.  Nic noted a huge thanks to Jessica for creating the spreadsheet and it’s for Nic and Jessica to drive forward with Committee Chairs.

11.11  ACTION 7 – Nic and Jessica to work out the governing body meeting dates for next year, prior to the July meeting.  It was AGREED that this would enable Committee Chairs to plan the policy review cycle for their committee meetings prior to the start of the 2016-2017 school year. It was also AGREED that policy approval responsibilities will be included in each Committee’s Terms of Reference, for review and approval in September/October. ACTION 8 – Committees to agree policy review cycle for 2016-2017 in their end of year meeting and amend Terms of Reference for approval in September/October.

11.12 Nic has been reviewing Carolyn’s website audit.   Given current work load, it was AGREED that this could be finalised in September.

12      Educational Visits and Journeys – Year 6 camping date is set for the 7-9 of June.  Leanne to sign off on the risk assessments.

13      School to School Support – Nothing to report.

14      NLC Fund – Nothing to report.

15      Any Other Business – Nothing to report.

Part 1 of meeting ended at 20:30.

Signed by Chair                                             Date

Meeting Attendance:

Local Authority Governor [1]:  *Carolyn Baker [October 2016]

Parent Governors [2] : +Leanne Hoffman [March 2017] and *Jan Langham [May 2019] Vice Chair

 Co-Opted Governors [4]: *Tim Gallagher [March 2018], *Emily Hopkinson [January 2020], *Jessica Rouleau [September 2018] Chair, *Richard Woff [March 2018]

Staff Governors [3]: *Felicity Headen [November 2017], *Nic Hunt, Head Teacher Governor

 Also present:  *Michelle Moss Clerk

* indicates those attended       + denotes apologies noted