Minutes of Weston Park HSA Meeting held on 6th June 2016

Present: Marianne Rebak (Trustee, Acting Head), Susie Bury Dickson (Chair, year 3 parent), Maria Carrion (Trustee, year 3 parent), Jnaice Langhma (Parent governor), Lou Mumford (year 2 rep), Marisa Fitch (Nursery rep), Jo Gibbons (treasurer), Iryna Schneider (year 3, reception), Amila Roberts (reception rep, year 1) Kirsty Cunningham (Trustee, years 2 & 6), Libby Blackett (years 1 and 3), Russell Herran (year 4), Kylie Agbim (year 4 rep), Pip Laurenson (year 2) Anthony Charles (Trustee, year 2), Jo Leigh (Year 3 rep, year 1), Yen Fox (Secretary, Year 6, 3 & reception)

1. Apologies for absence:

Kate Aslett.

2. Minutes from previous meeting


Car Boot Sale

No volunteers to take over running this event. Maria happy to continue to help run the Bar.

School Keyholder: Mechanism of Honorary contract raised as a possibility to enable a named HSA member to fulfil this role.

3. Spring Fair feedback

£4600 raised by this year’s fair.

A big thank you to all the parents and staff who volunteered to run the stalls and activiites and to the Spring Fair Committee for organising such a successful event.

The current Spring Fair Committee will be standing down so a new Spring Fair committee will be needed for next year’s fair.

Action: The outgoing committee to draft an email asking for volunteers for next year’s fair.

4. Skills auction

Kirstie has kindly offered to mix cocktails and there will be a separate bar.

Action points: Class reps to ask for volunteers for set up

5. Art club update

Pip gave an update. This has been successfully established with 32 children attending (age range reception to year 4)

Eastside Arts provides 2 teachers and 2 volunteers with 6 parent volunteers also helping.

Currently Art club need to raise £800 to ensure that it is sustainable.

Questions about the “pay what you can” options were raised but it was felt that this was currently working.

One of the aims of setting up art Club was to free spaces in after school club.

Action Point: Marianne to see if this has freed places on Thursdays

6. Music classes

Jo (year 1 parent) raised the awareness that there was a year long wait for some children to start music lessons with Haringey music. One of the problems is that there is not enough space at the school for more lessons to take place due to the accommodation for the 2 “bulge” classes and the other educational support that children need such as maths and writing intervention, speech and language therapy. Possibility of Saturday lessons raised

Action point: Jo to investigate the number of children waiting for lessons

7. Infant choir

Jenny and Sarah will be stepping down from running Infant Choir to run Junior choir so volunteers are needed to run Infant choir.

Emails asking for volunteers have been sent.

8. Summer BBQ

This will take place on Saturday 16th July.

Susie is co ordinating this.

Maria, Anthony, Al and Libby to run the bar.

Action point: Yen to apply for TEN

9. Governors Q & A

The structure of 3 committees (Standards, Finance and Pay,

Personnel and Premises) overseeing 3 different aspects of the school was explained.

A thanks to staff for the management of the new SATS test

10. Funding requests

£150 for the role Play area in the corridor for a pirate/treasure/underwater theme

11. Any other business

Kate Aslett is stepping down as a HSA Trustee – thank you to Kate for all her active support in the time that she has been a Trustee.

12. Date of the next meeting

Tuesday 12th July at 7.30pm