Monet Class Letter



Dear Parents/Carers,


This week:



The class used their imaginative writing skills to create a story that involves the main character of “Floodland” Zoe breaking one of their originals laws to find her lost parents.



Monet reviewed number and place value, taking particular notice of: 6-digit sums, negative numbers and problems associated with it.



Year 5 will investigated the role of Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill during the Second World War.


Next week


English – Monet will complete their imaginative writing piece of Zoe finding her long lost parents.


Maths – Students will be reading, writing and interpreting math statements involving the four operations






I have decided for the last homework task I will set for Class Monet is a recount about a memorable moment from the time they have spent throughout the past Autumn term in Year 5. This is a fun task so I’m looking for an entertaining and well-structured writing piece. J


LO: To write a recount about a memorable moment during the Autumn Term in Class Monet

Success Criteria

I have written a story which is entertaining and relevant to Class Monet ☐
I have included quotes where applicable ☐
I have checked for spelling and grammar before handing in ☐


Due Date: Wednesday 21st December 2016


Guided Reading


Reading Group Book Pages to be read for homework (over XMAS break)
Hawks The Exiles 9 – 31
Magpies Stormbreaker 113-160
Crows Beyond the beanstalk 77-114
Eagles Rope and other stories 66-89
Falcons Born Lucky 72-End of book




Thank you to the HSA for providing the class with the opportunity to watch “Snow White” Pantomime.


Have a great weekend,