Monet Class Letter



Dear Parents/Carers,


Year 5 has been working extremely hard this week and I have been quite impressed by their efforts and approach to learning. If all Monet students continue with this attitude towards their schooling, it shall be a highly productive year!




In keeping up with the celebrations of Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday on Tuesday, the class has been investigating his remarkable life. After extensive research, the class chose their favourite key moment of Dahl’s life. I was impressed with the memorisation and knowledge Monet showed throughout the week!




For Maths this week, Monet completed their knowledge of basic place value skills, which has been of a high standard across the class. Towards the end of the week, Year 5 has begun rounding numbers up to 100 000 and will continue into Week 3.




Year 5 has begun investigating key terminology in regards to Forces. Some areas viewed included friction, gravity and air resistance to name a few. It is an exciting and hands on scientific topic for which I am sure the pupils will enjoy.


Next week


English – Year 5 will be investigating the techniques and language use when writing autobiographies, which directly relates to Roald Dahl’s novel “Boy”.


Maths – Students will add and subtract numbers mentally with increasingly large numbers.


Science – Force will be further explored and it’s effects on our daily lives.


Topic – Work will continue in regards to the Vikings and their way of life.






Students are to complete the “Rounding Numbers” worksheet. Please ensure children complete after choosing one of the three challenges.

Due date: Wednesday 21st September 2016




Students are to read the first chapter of “Boy” (stapled photocopies have been provided). Students are required to not only read, but also underline and annotate any instances they can note where the author has used interesting language techniques. This will be discussed on Monday.

Due date: Monday 19th September 2016


Guided Reading

See above. Novels have begun to be read in class, however “Boy” is the focus of studying this week. A reading schedule will be distributed early next week.



P.E / Swimming


As a quick reminder, please ensure your child has the correct swimming kit (towel, swimming trunks and hat) for Monday’s lesson. If these are not brought to school, your child will not be allowed to swim and will instead stay at Weston Park Primary School for the afternoon instead of swimming.


Emergency Contact Form


New emergency contact forms were sent home on Wednesday and are all expected to be completed (both sides) and returned to the school office by Friday 16th September 2016.


Have a wonderful weekend,