Monet Class Letter



Dear Parents/Carers,


This week:



Year 5 began reading their new book “Floodlands”. After reading the first two chapters, the class have begun investigating how newspapers report on natural disasters.



Monet started converting measurements from imperial to metric systems.



Student’s explored one specific step (“Right Speech”) Buddhist followers must take which will lead them to Nirvana via the Noble Eightfold Path.


Next week


English – Year 5 will write their newspaper report relating to the Floodlands natural disaster.


Maths – Monet will be revisiting multiplication and division problems, moving up to 4 digit multiplication problems.


RE – Children will continue researching the Noble Eightfold Path by creating an illustration of the path Buddhist followers adhere to.





Year 5 will be beginning to write their newspaper reports next week, so a reading comprehension related to “Back to Earth with a bump” is the perfect preparation for students.


Due Date: Monday 21st November 2016



Students are to complete both fast facts multiplication sheets.

  • Sheet 1 – Complete and time yourself and have a parent or guardian check the answers.
  • Sheet 2 – Repeat as above and try to beat your time and score! Record time and correct answers on both sheets


Due Date: Wednesday 23rd November 2016



Students are to complete the “Forces in Action” worksheet to complete our unit of investigating forces.


Due Date: Wednesday 23rd November 2016


Guided Reading


Reading Group Book Pages to be read for homework
Hawks The Exiles 79-96
Magpies Stormbreaker 7-18
Crows Simone’s Diary 28-47
Eagles Beyond The Beanstalk 53-73
Falcons The Clumsie’s 180- End of book


Note: As discussed throughout the meeting with parents, it is highly advised children read a minimum of 20 minutes per day outside of class.




Spellings will now be tested every Friday. Students will be expected to learn and study these words throughout the week.


Week 5


Group 1


  1. Desperate
  2. Desperately
  3. Desperation
  4. Determined
  5. Determination
  6. Develop
  7. Developed
  8. Development
  9. Redevelop
  10. Redevelopment


Group 2


  1. Allowed
  2. Aloud
  3. Accept
  4. Except
  5. Affect
  6. Effect
  7. Berry
  8. Bury
  9. Break
  10. Brake


Times table test


Students are to learn the x7 times tables and will be tested in random order.



P.E / Swimming


Please ensure your child has the correct swimming kit (towel, swimming trunks and hat) for Monday’s lesson. If these are not brought to school, your child will not be allowed to swim and will instead stay at Weston Park Primary School for the afternoon instead of swimming.



Have a great weekend,