Friday, 2nd March 2017


Dear Parents/Carers,




  • Please can you bring in some spare toilet/kitchen cardboard tubes for us to use in the making of our book corner.


World Book Week:


Many exciting things have happened in Monet class for World Book Week. We have been completing the writing of our ‘Just So Story’ and have made our own individual book to present these. The children have used marbling to decorate their book covers and have bound them with beautifully patterned rods.

All children were wonderfully dressed up on Thursday, thank you for helping us make the day really special. An incredible variety of evacuees, air raid police, black outs and many more characters from Goodnight Mr Tom was brought to life. The children took their play time to act out some WWII scenarios – it was lovely to see how involved in our English work they have become.

We haven’t had a chance to complete our book reviews, so these will happen next week. Please ensure your child brings in a favourite book, if they haven’t done so yet. We will also be writing a persuasive speech in character as Churchill.




This week, we have worked on adding and subtracting decimals, up to three digits after the decimal point. Next week, we will complete our work on decimals (including rounding and solve word problems) and will begin a new topic, percentages.





  • As the school is closed today, the children have not received any homework. However, they will be tested on last week’s spellings and on the 7 timetable on Monday.
  • Please could the children work on their 6 timetable, they will be tested on this next Friday.
  • To practise the maths skills that we have learnt this week, the children can use a dice to make 2 different numbers, with up to 3 decimal places (eg. 1.462 or 0.341) and make some word problems around these numbers that involve addition and subtraction. They can solve their own problems. To make this more challenging, their problems can involve more steps. Eg. Mike has £10. If a carton of milk costs £1.462 and a bag of sweets costs £0.341, can you find all the possible combinations of milk and sweets that Mike could buy with £10.


  • Reading:


Please ensure your child is reading 20 minutes every day. Children should independently collect a book from the book corner or library to be taking home to read. This needs to be changed as soon as it is finished. Please encourage your children to do so if they haven’t been bringing a book home. As this came up during many parent consultations last term, I am copying a link to a website that provides you with a brilliant list of books suitable for Year 5 children. Hopefully this should give you and your children some inspiration to choose their next book. The link is the following:


Have a lovely weekend,