Monet Class Letter



Dear Parents/Carers,


The end of the autumn first half term is fast approaching and year 5 has been busy with their learning over the past week.



After dissecting “Prometheus Unbound”, Year 5 created their own mythological poem of their choice. I was so proud of Monet’s descriptive and entertaining writing throughout the week. Everyone put in 100% effort and it was shown in their writing this week. Well done!



Monet identified, described and represented shapes on dotted grids to decide whether it was a reflection or a transitional shape. In what can be a difficult task, Monet showed resilience and produced magnificent mosaic shapes and should be proud of their efforts.



Year 5 incorporated ICT skills into their science skills when understanding the role of air resistance. Monet created three separate examples of air resistance in practice, from none being shown to full resistance of an object of their choice.



After the half-term break


English – Students will continue investigating a wide range of poetic forms and creating their own versions according to it’s context (eg. Norse Myths).


Maths – Monet will be re-visiting Addition and Subtraction but at a more advanced level by adding and subtracting whole numbers with more than four digits by using columnar methods.







Monet is to create an original poem that describes in detail their favourite celebrity, sports star or somebody they look up to. I would like students to really show their admiration towards their chosen idol by using descriptive language throughout their poem.


LO: To create an original poem relating to a favourite celebrity and/or sports star, using: compound nouns, alliteration and metaphors of four stanza’s

Success Criteria

I have arranged the lines of my poem so the structure has flow and interacts with the reader ☐ ☐
I have engaged my reader by using descriptive language ☐ ☐
I have used a dictionary to ensure spelling is correct and edited ☐ ☐
I have included compound nouns, alliteration and metaphors within my poem ☐ ☐


Due date: Tuesday 1st November 2016




Students are to complete the “Translate Shapes” worksheet.

Due date: Wednesday 2nd November 2016



Monet has the chance to create a Viking Long Boat Paper Model! Instructions are included with the worksheet, so parents/guardians are encouraged to join in on the fun.


Due date: Tuesday 1st November 2016


Guided Reading


Reading Group Book Pages to be read for homework
Hawks The Exiles 18-28
Magpies The Rope and Other Stories 22-35
Crows War At Home 41-53
Eagles Beyond The Beanstalk 137-156
Falcons The Clumsie’s 50-72


Note: As discussed throughout the meeting with parents, it is highly advised children read a minimum of 20 minutes per day outside of class.




Spellings’ will now be tested every Friday. Students will be expected to learn and study these words throughout the week.


Week 4


Group 1


  1. Cemetery
  2. Committee
  3. Communicate
  4. Communication
  5. Miscommunicate
  6. Communicable
  7. Communicative
  8. Community
  9. Competition
  10. Competitive


Group 2


  1. Ascent
  2. Crescent
  3. Descent
  4. Fascinate
  5. Scent
  6. Scenery
  7. Scissors
  8. Science
  9. Scientifically
  10. Scientist



P.E / Swimming


Please ensure your child has the correct swimming kit (towel, swimming trunks and hat) for Monday’s lesson. If these are not brought to school, your child will not be allowed to swim and will instead stay at Weston Park Primary School for the afternoon instead of swimming.



Have a magnificent half-term break,