Monet Class Letter



Dear Parents/Carers,


Welcome back after what I hope was a relaxing and joyful half term break. It was great to meet you all during our Parent-Teacher interviews and it’s clear that both teacher and parent’s are happy with progress with Class Monet.



This week for English, Monet focused on the upcoming US election next week. Activities included: debates, newspaper articles and investigations into the possibility of either Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump taking office. Great input by all!



Year 5 revisited their adding and subtracting numbers with the column method but at a more advanced level. Rounding was an issue in the previous lessons in the first half term, but it appears year 5 is working at a more consistent and accurate level!



Students were introduced to our new topic of Buddhism and its origins via core beliefs and symbols.



Next week


English – Year 5 will be beginning a new picture book, which incorporates both written, and visual cues to enhance their writing skills


Maths – We will be beginning to read and write fractions as decimals whilst rounding to the nearest whole number.








LO: To create an original poem regarding your preferred choice of Presidential candidate

Success Criteria

My poem includes at least one example of similes ☐ ☐
My poem includes at least one example of a quote ☐ ☐
My poem has a total of four stanzas ☐ ☐


Due Date: Monday 7th November 2016




Students are to use their adding and checking skills by using their number spinning wheels to create addition sums.


Due Date: Wednesday 9th November 2016




In keeping with Bonfire night, Year 5 has been given the chance to create their very own 3D model figure of Guy Fawkes!


Due Date: Tuesday 8th November 2016



Guided Reading


Reading Group Book Pages to be read for homework
Hawks The Exiles 33-51
Magpies The Rope and Other Stories 55-73
Crows War At Home 68-79
Eagles Beyond The Beanstalk 166-186
Falcons The Clumsie’s 90-110


Note: As discussed throughout the meeting with parents, it is highly advised children read a minimum of 20 minutes per day outside of class.




Spellings will now be tested every Friday. Students will be expected to learn and study these words throughout the week.


Week 4


Group 1


  1. Conscience
  2. Conscious
  3. Controversy
  4. Convenience
  5. Convenient
  6. Conveniently
  7. Correspond
  8. Correspondence
  9. Critic
  10. Criticise


Group 2


  1. Beige
  2. Eight
  3. Eighteen
  4. Eighty
  5. Freight
  6. Neighbour
  7. Obey
  8. Rein
  9. Sleigh
  10. They


Times table test


From next Friday, Monet will be tested on their times tables on a continuous basis. To understand and apply times table knowledge is applicable to endless mathematical applications so it is crucial students understand the various times tables.


Students are to learn the x8 times tables up to 12 and will be tested in random order.



P.E / Swimming


Please ensure your child has the correct swimming kit (towel, swimming trunks and hat) for Monday’s lesson. If these are not brought to school, your child will not be allowed to swim and will instead stay at Weston Park Primary School for the afternoon instead of swimming.



Have a magnificent half-term break,