Friday, 9th March 2017


Dear Parents/Carers,





On Tuesday morning, Monet class received quite an upsetting letter from the council. Haringey had had to invoke the Statutory Snow Day Ruling, following the snow day last Friday! The letter told us we would have had to come in on either Saturday or Sunday to make up the day. You can rest assured, there was a general uproar – the children wouldn’t have it and wrote some incredibly persuasive letters to the now famous ‘Mr H A Lark’, with reasons as to why we shouldn’t make up for the day, least of all at the weekend!

Even though I didn’t get spoken to for a while once I told the children it was all made up, the letters they wrote were inspiring and enabled us to discuss the importance of writing for a purpose.





This week, we have completed our work on decimals, with a big focus on rounding decimals. This has been particularly challenging, as we have had to understand the difference between rounding to ones, tenths, hundredths and so on. We have just begun looking at percentages, which are deeply linked to both fractions and decimals. We have discussed how these three areas are basically ‘the same thing’, represented in different ways. Next week, we will carry on our work on percentages.





  • Please could the children complete the maths sheet they have been given, as demonstrated in the example at the top of the sheet.
  • Please could the children work on their 4 timetable, they will be tested on this next Friday.
  • A spelling sheet has been handed out.


  1. Reading:


Please ensure your child is reading 20 minutes every day. Children should independently collect a book from the book corner or library to be taking home to read. This needs to be changed as soon as it is finished. Please encourage your children to do so if they haven’t been bringing a book home. As this came up during many parent consultations last term, I am copying a link to a website that provides you with a brilliant list of books suitable for Year 5 children. Hopefully this should give you and your children some inspiration to choose their next book. The link is the following:


Have a lovely weekend,