Friday 2nd March


Dear Parents/Carers


We enjoyed World Book Day. The children looked fabulous. Thank you for all your hard work. Sadly, due to the snow, we were unable to make our visit to Hornsey library but will re-schedule.


We started to read our new text, Storm by Kevin Crossley-Holland. The children then wrote a short newspaper report on a robbery carried out by an imaginary Highwayman.


We looked at measuring time in minute intervals, again using a blank number line to find the start or finish time with the support of analogue clocks.

A number of the children are still struggling to read an analogue clock. Please practise reading the time on an analogue clock at home.


We created a branching database for a selection of rocks.


Jack joined us to deliver an introductory lesson on the Roman invasion of Britain through the Mantle of the Expert. He used a painting of the Celts surrendering to the Romans (‘Vercingetorix Throws Down his Arms at the Feet of Julius Caesar” (1899), Lionel Royer) and followed this with some drama based on an attack on a Roman villa by Boudicca.



Our next set of misspelt common words. Please encourage your child to learn how they are spelt as well as writing them in a sentence in order to demonstrate that they understand their meaning.


Make a list of objects that we would use now that the Romans used


Please continue to practise reading the time on an analogue clock.

Enjoy your weekend.