20th October 2017



Dear Parents/Carers




It is half-term next week. Please note that children return to school on Tuesday 31 October.


Calendar day was a great success. Thank you for all your effort with the children’s costumes.




We wrote a recount of our trip to the Chiltern Open Air museum remembering to use time connectives as well as adding interesting detail.



We continued to look at column subtraction with regrouping. We used visual resources to support the children’s understanding.



The children assessed their own learning of our topic on animals including human beings.




We started to write our pamphlets on the Stone Age village of Skara Brae. The children used the information they had researched last week.




This first half-term is always tiring as the children get used to the new routine and their new teacher. It is important that they rest and enjoy this half term.


Nevertheless, I would like the children to take part in the reading challenge and to continue practising the 4x and 8x tables. You might like to try these games on the Topmarks website:





Have a fabulous half-term