Dear Parents/Carers


Next week, both Year 3 classes have recorder practice on Tuesday and Thursday morning. Please ensure that your child brings in their recorder, or they will be unable to join in these sessions.

In preparation for our new Art project could you please send your children in with any spare cardboard or newspapers, as this would be a great help.


In Maths this week Year 3 have been focusing on the 4 times table. We have been using the mastery approach in order for the children to feel completely confident multiplying by 4. They have been solving different multiplication problems and were also asked to show their answers in arrays in order to prove that they had understood how grouping is linked to multiplication. They were then asked to solve independent investigations based around the 4 times table.



Over the next couple of weeks, Year 3 will be focusing on ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. In the first lesson we read a section of the book as a class and then the children had to describe an image from the book, using descriptive language that suited the tone of the image. In the next lessons after reading a section from Ted Hughes’ ‘Iron Man’, Year 3 discussed the importance of tone and how the language the author has chosen helps you know what intonation to use. They then read and performed a passage from the book to the rest of the class. Following that the children had to think of similes for different sections of the Iron Man’s body, carefully selecting good comparisons to impact the reader.




Enabling Enterprise

On Thursday, the whole school took place in an Enabling Enterprise challenge day. They were asked to design a new ‘Creative Space’ for the community. They had debate and decide what art (art, drama, music etc) their creative space would support and how they were going to make it successful and benefit the local community.



In their PSHE lesson this week, Rothko focused on Multicultural Britain. As a class we celebrated the multicultural diversity within Britain. Over the next few weeks Rothko will research and discuss what makes Great Britain so diverse in terms of all the ethnicities and cultures that exist within it.



Each child should complete the times table sheet which was sent home on Thursday.

The spellings will be on the same sheet.


Have a great weekend,