Rothko Class Letter 29.9.16


Dear parents/ careers

It was lovely to meet you all on Wednesday, if you have any follow up questions to our chat or were unable to come please feel free to come and see me or arrange a meeting.

We will be going on our first trip after half term to the Chilton Open Air Museum, in Newland Park. Our trip has been booked for both Kandinsky and Rothko class and will take place on 10th November. The Chilton Open Air Museum offers a wonderful opportunity to learn about the Stone Age, using a hands-on approach. More information about the trip will be sent out closer to the time.


This week, we have finished looking at ‘James and the Giant Peach’ by writing our own story, based on a magical fruit. The children were expected to use adjectives and conjunctions to make their writing more effective. After writing our story we then began our next topic, where we will be exploring various humorous poems. We began our new topic by reading ‘At the End of School Assembly’ by Simon Pitt, discussing the Subject, Purpose, Audience and Text Type. As a class we came to the conclusion that the purpose of the poem was to make people laugh, which fed into a follow up discussion about how we could read and perform the poem. The children were then given time in pairs to learn and perform the poem in front of their peers, using actions and expression to make their performance more interesting. Our focus over the next few weeks in English will be to use powerful verbs and adverbs in our writing.


In Maths this week Year 3 have been looking at 3D shapes. We have spent some time looking at the names for 3D shapes and have discussed key terms such as prism and pyramid. They have been learning what vertices, edges and faces are in relation to 3D shapes and how they can be used to identify and compare. Following that the children spent a lesson constructing 3D shapes based on descriptions, which they were provided.


This week in Science Year 3 have been looking at exoskeletons, endoskeletons and invertebrates. We discussed what these words mean and how we could categorise and sort animals using their bone structure. The children then completed a table thinking of examples for each category.


This week in their Topic lessons Rothko researched Stone Age animals. They watched documentaries and used the ipads and non-fiction books to find out the appearance, the diet and a special fact about their chosen animal.


Your child will be sent home with a piece of English homework on Thursday, if you have not received a copy of the sheet please see me on Friday morning.


Please find either the 29.09.16 List 1 or 29.09.16 List 2 on spell anywhere. If you are looking to challenge yourselves please practice List 2.

Hope you have a lovely weekend,