Friday 9th March


Dear Parents/Carers


Some of the children do not have kits or trainers in school for PE. Please ensure that your child has both for Tuesday and Thursday. It is a good idea to keep the PE kit in school for the whole ½ term and, if you would prefer not to have trainers especially for PE, to make sure the children wear trainers to school on Tuesday and Thursday.


We imagined the storm Annie was caught up in, drew it and wrote a caption. We wrote a note from Annie to her mother telling her not to worry about her trip out in the storm. We then used a conscience alley for the first time to prepare for a piece of writing advising Annie on whether she should go with the horseman or not.


We looked at the number of days in the months of the year and leap years. We then started our topic on fractions by looking at tenths as fractions of shapes and amounts.


We considered the use of models in Science by creating models of fossils using flour, salt and coffee. We also studied how fossils are created and revised the importance of Mary Anning.




Our next set of misspelt common words. Please encourage your child to learn how they are spelt as well as writing them in a sentence in order to demonstrate that they understand their meaning.


Please complete the work on fractions.


Please continue to practise reading the time on an analogue clock and practise using your knuckles to learn the number of days in a month. You may prefer to learn the poem off-by-heart.

30 days hath September,
April, June and November,
All the rest have 31,
Excepting February alone.
Which only has but 28 days clear
And 29 in each leap year

Enjoy your weekend.