What are school governors and what do they do?
Every school in the UK is run by a board of governors – the Governing Body.  The Governing Body is responsible for providing a strategic view of issues that affect the school, for monitoring and reviewing standards and progress, and ensuring accountability and best use of resources. This involves both supporting and challenging the school as a “critical friend.”

Governors are elected by parents of children who attend the school, appointed by the local education authority (in our case, Haringey Council) or invited to join (co-opted) by other governors. Governors are involved in every aspect of school life, from playtime to OFSTED inspections and take on specific roles according to their experience and interests.

What is their role in the leadership and management of the school?
The purpose of the governing body is to help the school provide the best possible education for its pupils. Governors play a strategic role, concentrating on the underlying principles of how the school is run. Day-to-day management issues remain the responsibility of the Headteacher and her staff. Governors have a considerable number of statutory responsibilities to fulfil.  These include:

  • Approval of the school budget
  • Performance management of the Headteacher
  • Delivery of the National Curriculum
  • Reviewing pupil exclusions
  • Approving arrangements for school trips as well as other health and safety issues
  • Monitoring and evaluating progress in school development and achievements

By law, governors are expected to:

  • Set the strategic framework
  • Monitor and evaluate progress towards the school’s priorities and targets
  • Support the Head and staff to raise standards and challenge where necessary
  • Account to all stakeholders for the school’s overall performance and the decisions they have made.

How does Weston Park’s governing body work?
We work closely with Mrs Katie Coombes, the school’s Headteacher. We make decisions at full governors’ meetings, in committees or by supporting plans made by the Headteacher when this is appropriate.

Our governing body has 11 Governors:  2 Parent governors, 6 Co-Opted governors, 1 Local Authority governor, 1 Staff governor and 1 Head Teacher governor.   The Governing Body also appoints Associate Members, as required.  Associate Members are not full Governors, but they will have issue-specific skill sets to be of support to the work of the governing body or its committees, where needed, across ever-increasing areas of responsibility.

In addition to attending two Governing Body meetings per term, each Governor is linked to an area of the Curriculum and is a member of one or more Committees.  The Committees meet twice a term and Governors also participate in an annual, off-site work day which is focused on a particular aspect of the school’s development.   Committee Membership and Link responsibilities are revised and adopted at the Governing Body’s first meeting of the academic year.

Updates on the Governing Body’s work

Updates on the work and deliberations of the Governing Body are provided through Meeting Minutes and updates in the school’s weekly newsletter and parents are welcome to attend Governing Body meetings. We also conduct parent surveys and have a Governors’ desk at each parents’ evening.

If you have comments, suggestions, general queries about the development of the school, or a concern which neither the class teacher nor Head Teacher has been able to resolve satisfactorily, you can contact the Chair of Governors, Jessica Rouleau, at  You can also leave a message for the Governors at the school office or send an email to

Last updated:  April 2018