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Weston Park Primary School

Children's Committee

The Children's Committee's key areas of responsibility are to monitor and oversee the school in its work to:

  • demonstrate an ambitious vision, have high expectations for what all children and learners can achieve and ensure high standards of provision and care for children and learners;
  • evaluate the quality of the provision and outcomes through robust self-assessment and use the findings to develop a capacity for sustainable improvement;
  • ensure that the curriculum has suitable breadth, depth and relevance to meet relevant statutory requirements, as well as the needs and interests of children, learners and employers, nationally and in the local community;
  • successfully plan and manage learning programmes and the curriculum so that all children and learners get a good start and are well prepared for the next stage in their education;
  • actively promote equality and diversity, tackle bullying and discrimination and diminish the difference in achievement between different groups of children and learners;
  • actively promote British values; and
  • make sure that safeguarding arrangements meet all statutory and other government requirements, promote children and learners' welfare and prevent radicalisation and extremism.