Update on the Oak Processionary Moth caterpillars - the caterpillars have been removed from the oak tree by the school gate in Stationers Park. We are monitoring the situation, and we would advise that you still stay away from the tree, although it is safe to enter the school via the gate.
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What do school governors do?

Every school in the UK is run by a board of governors – the Governing Body. The Governing Body is responsible for providing a strategic view of issues that affect the school, for monitoring and reviewing standards and progress, and ensuring accountability and best use of resources. This involves both supporting and challenging the school as a “critical friend.”


Governors are elected by parents of children who attend the school, appointed by the local education authority (in our case, Haringey Council) or invited to join (co-opted) by other governors. Governors are involved in every aspect of school life, from playtime to OFSTED inspections and take on specific roles according to their experience and interests.