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Weston Park Primary School

School Council

School Council

Our School Council has 12 members, with two children representing each class from Year 1 to Year 6. Representatives change each term, ensuring that all the children have an opportunity to participate in the School Council during their time at Weston Park.


The Council meets once a half term to discuss issues and suggestions from their classes. They are allocated a small budget which they can spend on improving things around the school and they are also responsible for deciding whether a suggestion or issue should go to the Strategic Leadership Team of the school for further consideration.


Recent discussions have covered school dinner menus, extra-curricular activities, playground equipment and school uniforms.  The School Council are supported in these discussions by a member of staff.  They help the children by facilitating the sessions.


Keep an eye on the School Council board at school to find out what is going on and make your own suggestions.


Current School Councillors:


Class: School Councillors:

Year 1 – Delauany Class


Marnie and Leo

Year 2 – Dali Class


Ane and Connor

Year 3 – Rothko Class


Caitlin and Jasper

Year 4 – Kusama Class


Beck and Violet

Year 4 – Kandinksy Class


Abigail and George

Year 5 – Hasper Class


Abesha and Moin

Year 5 – Monet Class


Mia and Zubin

Year 6 – Krasner Class


Jannah and Oscar