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Weston Park Primary School

How can I find out what Weston Park's Governing Body is working on?

A report on each full Governing Body meeting is published in the school’s weekly Newsletter. These reports usually focus on the most important issues discussed at the meeting. If you want a full picture of what is being discussed, you can find the minutes of each full Governing Body meeting on the Governing Body Minutes page of this website. The Governors’ Annual Statement – see the relevant page on this website – gives a broad overview of the year. 


Other ways of finding out about our work are to come along to meetings of the full Governing Body and to speak to the Chair of Governors or individual governors: see the Contact us page of this website.  


Please note that if you have a concern or complaint regarding your child or a specific incident, you should follow the school’s complaints procedure which you can find in the Key Information section of this website. In accordance with that procedure, your first step should always be to raise your concern with the relevant class teacher.