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Weston Park Primary School

What is their role in the leadership and management of the school?

The governing body is part of the school's leadership and management.  It helps the school provide the best possible education for its pupils.


Governors play a strategic role, concentrating on the underlying principles of how the school delivers education and works with the children. Day-to-day management issues remain the responsibility of the Headteacher and her staff.


Governors have a considerable number of statutory responsibilities to fulfil. These include:

  • Approval of the school budget
  • Performance management of the Headteacher
  • Delivery of the National Curriculum
  • Monitoring and evaluating progress in school development and achievements
  • Reviewing pupil exclusions
  • Approving arrangements for school trips as well as other health and safety issues


By law, governors are expected to:

  • Set the strategic framework
  • Monitor and evaluate progress towards the school’s priorities and targets
  • Support the Head and staff to raise standards and challenge, where necessary
  • Account to all stakeholders for the school’s overall performance and the decisions they have made.