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Weston Park Primary School

Vision and Values

Our Vision & Values Statement


‘Achieving Together, Growing Together’

Our Vision


At Weston Park we are a welcoming community who support our children to have the confidence, independence and courage to fulfil their potential.  We teach children to value fairness and diversity and to care for themselves and others.

Through our rich, creative and ambitious curriculum, we aim to foster an enthusiasm for learning, and to empower and inspire our children to make positive change in the world with their words and actions.


Our Values

Alongside our Good Habits of Learning – being curious, imaginative, disciplined, resilient and collaborative learners, we teach these core values through our curriculum:


Respect: we value each other for who we are, even when we disagree

Responsibility: we think about how our actions affect others and understand the consequences of what we do

Kindness: we are considerate and supportive of each other’s feelings

Community: we appreciate the strength and value of being together and working with others

Integrity: we are honest and act according to our values, even when it is challenging

Equality: we believe that everyone should have a fair opportunity to make the most of their lives and talents

Courage: we are not afraid to challenge, ask questions and stand up for what we think is right