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Weston Park Primary School

School Meals

Free School Meals for KS2 pupils

From September 2023, every primary school child in Haringey will get a school meal free of charge for the 2023/2024 academic year.

Healthy Eating

At Weston Park we teach the children about living healthy lifestyles through Physical Education, Science and Personal, Social and Health Education.   As part of our Healthy School’s status it is also important that we monitor what children are eating for lunch.


We are very proud  to have a fully operational kitchen and all of our meals are cooked on site by our fantastic cooks.  They prepare hot meals everyday which are available to all the children.  Alternatively, you can choose to send your child to school with a packed lunch from home.


The meals cooked in our kitchen are carefully selected to ensure they are healthy and nutritionally balanced.   As such, we ask that your child brings a healthy packed lunch if they are not eating the school’s meals.  Please do not include chocolate bars, sweets or fizzy drinks in packed lunches.


Thank you in advance for helping us to promote healthy eating for all the children!

School Meals or Packed Lunch?

You and your child should choose either school OR packed lunches.   If you wish to change between the two, the office requires a minimum of 2 weeks notice to change your child from one to the other.  Please email:

If, however, you need to change your child’s arrangements at short notice, please speak to either Mark or Janet in the school office.  They can be contacted on 020 8347 5000 or


If your child is not at school for the morning register, please make sure that the office knows by 9:30am whether he or she will be at school for lunch.   We ask this as we have a computerised system which orders your child’s meal daily when the register is taken.  This will also help us to ensure that you are credited for any paid for school lunches for which your child was not at school.  If you do not notify the school in advance you will be charged for the lunch.